D. R. Dean Consulting Services is available on a consulting basis in the following areas: Career Management, Recruiting, Outplacement, News Letters, Training, and Succession Planning.

Mr. Dean is a nationally recognized human resources and career management consultant. Mr. Dean has over 35 years experience in helping develop people and career search.

Latest Book by D.R. Dean

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From the author of ” Candles Flicker in the Night”, here is a personal business journal which highlights an interesting period within the United States. Rising from a veterinarian’s lowly kennel cleaner in upstate New York, this man develops into a major financial services vice president and eventually a college department head. Through his tale one can envision some of the major events that shaped our world into the 21st century. We see some of the good and bad in this tumultuous period. Through this first person account we see the other side of “Love Canal”; how and why many major business decisions are made; how social security numbers became America’s major identifiers; why Arco, the oil company, is primarily located in the Western United States; how a small nearly bankrupt financial services company in 1980 became a giant in today’s marketplace. This very concise book follows the life of a man who would never give up and in the process provides some ground rules and lessons for all of us. As the late Nelson Mandella said, “do not judge me by my successes. Judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”


As a presenter at several NFIEC workshops over the years, Don has proven himself to be an excellent facilitator, thorough in his approach, and articulate in communicating with groups of students.

Kathleen Curatelo
Executive Director, NFIEC (1994)

I’ve been on the job since August as an Engineering Manager and full benefits kicked in October first. Networking was the key as their former Engineering Manager abruptly gave notice. My resume appeared on the C.O.O’s desk the next business day and with the interviewing skills you instilled in me, I got the job with $50K salary “on the first interview”! Thanks to you I might add!

David L. Curray

To whom it may concern. Don was assigned as Vice President, C-S, Inc./Manchester Partners International while I served as Senior Career Transition Consultant. Don’s extensive experience in Human Resources and Employee Development were evident in his buisness client relationships, group presentations, and candidate consulting in which I observed or participated.

Michael Altieri, Sr. Chief Human Resources (retired) IRS Buffalo District.